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Joe Knows, Inc.

1930 Village Center Circle
Las Vegas, NV 89134
United States of America

Product Availability Questions:
Please fill out the form below. We can not answer these questions by phone and you will not receive a call back.



Please get in touch with the seller through the respective website where the order was placed. We’re not able to provide support for orders fulfilled by other merchants. We’re a manufacturer so many different merchants around the world sell our products.

We do sell directly in some marketplaces like Amazon.com in the US. For order issues please contact us through the marketplace you placed the order. These marketplaces require in their terms of service that we resolve any order issues through their own messaging system.

Joe Knows Electronics Website

Our products are listed on our website but are not available for ordering directly through our website. When you’re ready to check out you will be redirected to Amazon to complete the order.

Amazon and Other Marketplaces

We sell directly on Amazon.com and our products are widely available on different marketplaces around the world. Prices vary by region and the sellers who have created listings in those different areas.


We’re a manufacturer so we’re able to supply products in bulk for any business or education customer. Whether you need to fill your store or your classroom we can provide our products at a competitive price and we’re able to customize them as per your requirements. Contact us using the form to the right for more details.

We’re both but primarily a manufacturer. We do sell directly on Amazon.com in the US but we rely on retail partners to distribute our products to other countries around the world and to other marketplaces.

Our company, Joe Knows, Inc., is based in Nevada and we operate our own factory in Foshan, China. We’re able to produce our products at a competitive global price but at American quality standards. We’re unique because we’re able to achieve the best of both worlds with no compromise.


We’re happy to work with any retailer that presents our products in a positive way and makes them available in a new market. These conditions apply to wholesale orders:

  • Must sell in a new market or a new country. Amazon US is off limits.
  • Products must be ordered by the complete case. For case quantities and specifications such as dimensions and weight please contact us.
  • Products will ship from China. Depending on availability a lead time of as long as 8 weeks may apply. Many products are kept in stock but a lead time will be required if product customization is required or if the product is in high demand.

With all of that said, we give our retailers outstanding support and benefits such as:

  • Custom branding.
  • Custom configuration. We will make any product to your exact specifications.
  • Quick service and one on one support.
  • Guaranteed margin. We will get our price down to a point where the products we send you are competitive with any other offer in your market.
  • Logistics support. We handle global logistics, tariffs, and delivery to any retail partner in any country. We have the shipping routes figured out so it’s one less thing that you have to worry about.

We offer our products to educators on the same terms as our retail partners. We can support any school directly in any country. Orders ship from China and must be placed at case quantity. School branding is available as well as localization of content to the language you prefer.

We only sell directly to customers on Amazon.com and no educational discount is currently available to Amazon retail customers who are students.

We do not have a physical store. The address listed on our website is a mailbox.


The best way to get in touch with us is by completing the form below. We’re able to reply much quicker and more accurately via email.

If you would like to talk to us by phone we would love to speak with you! The best way to set up a phone conversation is to fill out the form below about the general topic of conversation and let us know when to contact you (include your time zone).