Christmas Light Tester Kit

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A fun way to make testing Christmas lights easier while learning about electronics. A probe is used to detect whether a specific bulb is working along a strand.

The kit is designed so that it’s simple enough to be assembled by someone with very limited electronics knowledge by following our easy step by step guide. At the same time there’s enough depth provided in our documentation to facilitate understanding of more advanced concepts behind how it works.


  • Comprehensive guide on how it works and assembly provided on our wiki.
  • Once built it serves as a functional tool that can be used for many holidays in the future. It can save money by allowing broken Christmas light strands to be fixed rather than replaced!
  • A real world example of how a comparator circuit can be used in a practical application.
  • A convenient QR code on the PCB allows for our online instructions to be located quickly and easily.



The¬†Christmas light strand is plugged into a wall socket style plug on the PCB. A safe low voltage is passed through the light strand and through the probe to determine the location of a fault. This isn’t a high enough voltage to light up the stand of lights but it does allow the circuit to indicate where the circuit fault lies through the use of indicator LEDs on the assembled tester.