• Development Kits

    The components you need to develop the next big thing.

  • Ideas

    Insight on how your idea can work in the real world.

  • Design

    Circuit and board design services.

  • Manufacturing

    Global production services designed to optimize costs.



Learn - Create - Produce - Sell

Joe Knows Electronics, LLC is a company dedicated to facilitating electronics innovation. We manufacture electronics kits that enable easy access to and educate about the building blocks of electronics. We strive to empower our customers with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve their goals.
Our design services can assist customers in bringing ideas to fruition. Where customer knowledge falls short we are here to pick up the slack and turn a design idea into files suitable for mass production or even a personal project.
Manufacturing services are available which enable our customers to produce products in an efficient environment and at costs that allow them to be competitive in any worldwide market. We are connected with the best professionals in all aspects of electronics production. Production is available in a wide range of areas from individual components, to PCBs, and even plastic injection molding. The very same components that are available in our electronics development kits are available in production quantities allowing customers to achieve reliable results without the risk of buying components from untested sources.
Joe Knows Electronics, LLC owns and maintains a production facility in the USA that manages all final assembly of electronics development kits. We also manage assembly of products produced for our clients in the USA as requested. Manufacturing services are provided in association with our international production partners.